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DSCF4011-650File Formatting

The following information is provided to our customers who wish to supply their jobs as print ready. This information will help streamline our process, and ensure the most efficient and cost effective outcome in transferring your files to our systems.

System Info

  • Duke University Copying & Digital Printing Operations is PC-based.

Program Info

  • Duke University Copying & Digital Printing uses InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Professional.

Formatting your files

  • Document setup—Always set your document page size to the actual size of the piece you are designing for output.
  • Bleed – Bleed is the area of color or image that extends beyond the page and should be set to 1/8” (0.125”).

Image Resolution

  • 300 dpi is recommended whenever possible to ensure quality reproduction.

PDF creation overview

If using Adobe InDesign:

  • Navigate to File > Export > Format: Adobe PDF (Print).
  • Choose “press quality” or “highest quality” in the PDF settings, not a “screen” or “web” quality PDF.
  • Always choose “embed fonts.”
  • Color space should be CMYK (or Grayscale) and not RGB.
  • Include crop marks.
  • Be sure to designate the bleed(s) to 0.125” if applicable to your job.
  • Be sure all your linked images and graphics are properly formatted before making a PDF file.

If using Adobe Illustrator:

  • Navigate to File > Save As > Format: Adobe PDF.
  • Follow the steps from the second bullet onward from InDesign above.

If using Word or Publisher:

  • Choose File > Export > Create PDF.

Text files – (from a PC/Windows environment) Microsoft Word is preferred when supplying raw text for formatting on our systems.